Matisse – La Gerbe

Gr 12C are learning about Matisse’s style of art and his paper cut outs. Our new Art word is ‘organic’. It’s not about organic food, but about shape. Most shapes we know are geometric, like a triangle, rectangle or a circle. They usually have straight lines, edges and corners.

After observing the shapes in Matisse’s artwork titled La Gerbe, (the Sheaf) we ‘turned and talked’ to a friend about what we noticed. What colours did he use? What do the shapes remind you of?

La Gerbe 1953Some look like hands waving.

It looks like a leaf.

It could be seaweed!

Organic shapes try to create movement with their curved lines even though they are still.

We had a ‘Quick Try’ and created our own mini version of La Gerbe using Matisse’s scissors as our art tool. I wonder how he made the shapes from ceramic?

Please leave us a comment on our art work!

IMG_3417 IMG_3416 IMG_3414

12C each cut out an organic shape and are building a collaborative piece similar to La Gerbe. It will be on display in our corridor soon!

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